Balagne: a Corsican gem

Corsica is one of the most prized destinations in south-eastern France. Plan a romantic or family-friendly trip to Balagne and enjoy all the wonders of the Island of Beauty. Explore historic villages, gorgeous beaches, and lush natural greenery.

The most popular beaches in Balagne

It is impossible to visit Balagne without enjoying a swim in its beautiful warm waters. Bodri beach is one of Corsica’s most beloved destinations for tourists and holidaymakers. Its clear waters are edged by a strip of exceptional white sand, making it a dreamy destination for visitors of all ages. For nature-lovers, the wild beach at Ghjunchitu is bounded by eye-catching scrublands. There are so many beaches to discover in Balagne: Ostriconi, which is south of the Agriates desert, Lozari beach, where the Regino stream flows into the sea, and so many more.

Île Rousse: a trading hub in Balagne

Île Rousse is home to the third largest commercial harbour in Corsica. Ships flock here to sell their crops and produce. The harbour also welcomes passengers and visitors from every corner of the globe. Île Rousse’s market hall was built in 1844 and is an important historic monument in Corsica. It is the perfect place to shop for locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and seafood. The historic town centre of Île Rousse is especially lovely, with a range of restaurants offering Corsican cuisine (both traditional and modern)!

The most famous villages in Balagne

The oldest village in Corsica, Sant’Antonino, is located in Balagne. Sometimes known as the ‘eagle’s nest’ due to its dramatic acropolis, it is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Sant’Antonino overlooks the town of Pigna. This small town covers only 2.21 sq. km of the hillside. A stream crosses through its cobblestone streets, which are dotted with the workshops of local craftsmen. See more photos of the other charming hillside villages in Balagne, which offer stunning views over the plains, mountains, and the Mediterranean.

The mountains and forests of Balagne

While enjoying the beaches of Balagne, do not forget to look over your shoulder for a stunning view of mountains topped with giant trees. Visitors flock there to enjoy excellent hiking and the local flora and fauna. And that’s not all! Balagne is also known for its wide expanses of fertile agricultural land, earning it the nickname of ‘Corsica’s Garden’. A wealth of organic produce is grown here for the local market.